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Registering ads on a fast site requires a few different things, one way of which is to register ads for free.

In this way of registering an ad, the advertiser will not pay any fees for registering his ad and can register his ad completely free of charge.

In ad-free, the advertiser can record the following details in his ad:

Ad Title (Multilingual)
Ad Description (Multilingual)
Advertiser specifications (name of the advertiser and full address (multilingual))
Price of service or goods (if any)
Advertiser position
Phone and mobile numbers
Website address and email (for contact with the advertiser)
Record keywords
Build maps for ads by placing different positions
Manage map settings
Link users with the advertiser
Register user reviews for ad
Register ad hits
And ....
Note 1: Registration of free adverts is 3 months. This means that once the ad has been registered, 3 months of active time will be considered for the ad, and placed in the groupings in the first list and after this period the advertiser must be one time Edit the ad or increase the credit for free so that the list of advertisements in the first category is targeted and if the ad does not increase, then the advertisement can still be displayed on other pages of the website.